Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2- the meaning behind you blog name

I am not the most positive person I know.  I get easily discouraged.  Although my faith teaches me that through God all things are possible, I often feel God has over looked me.  I usually feel as if my glass is half empty.  But someone once told me if I want to feel better I must first act as if I feel better, pretend if you will.  "Fake it 'till you make it" I do.  I say that my glass is half empty but my blog says that "Stef's glass is half full".

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

If you want a recent pic you will need to find me on Facebook...Stefanie Michele Stapleton Raines...when you send your friend request just let me know you are from my blog...

Oh my...15 interesting facts about me....

1.  I am only 5' 0.5" tall
2.  I have 3 beautiful children
3.  I have been married for 16 years
4.  I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
5.  I have gone skydiving twice
6.  I LOVE Johnny Depp
7.  I love spaghetti
8.  My favorite color is purple
9.  I love reading Nora Roberts books
10.  I have a cat named Tuffy
11.  I have an MS is Counseling Psychology
12.  The neighborhood kids love playing at my house
13.  I have never had a broken bone
14.  I am only 36 and I already need reading glasses
15.  I love cloudy rainy days

On my FB page you can see all the photos from my skydiving adventures!!!

Keep in touch!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~30 Days of me~

Here is how I will start my blog.  I challenge you to give me 30 days of you!!

Here are the daily prompts for 30 days of me:

Day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Day 2- the meaning behind you blog name

Day 3- a picture of you and your friends

Day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have

Day 5- a picture of somewhere youve been to

Day 6- favorite super hero and why

Day 7- a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Day 8- short term goals for this month and why

Day 9- something youre proud of in the past few days

Day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

Day 11- another picture of you and your friends

Day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one

Day 13- a letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Day 14- a picture of you and your family

Day 15- put you ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play

Day 16- another picture of yourself

Day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have

Day 19- nicknames you have and why you have them

Day 20- someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

Day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy

Day 22- what makes you different from everyone else

Day 23- something you crave for a lot

Day 24- a letter to your parents

Day 25- what I would find in your bag

Day 26- what do you think about your friends

Day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Day 29- in this past month, what have you learned

Day 30- you favorite song